Ani & Bryn | Lehigh Valley Documentary Photography and Film

I go way back with these sweet girls - I knew them when they were only known as Baby A and Baby B.   Their mother, Emily, and I were pregnant at the same time, and being one of my sister's best friends, Em is like family.  Her little girls were born much earlier than were expected, and spent many, many nights in the NICU.  Now at four, they have grown into two beautiful, bright, and healthy little girls - it's hard to believe just how little they once were.  I always love seeing these two, and making these videos for them was so much fun.  

No longer known as Baby A and Baby B, meet Ani and Bryn at 4 years old!

Milestone Interview videos are a great idea for birthdays and anniversaries!   If you are interested in booking a Milestone Interview Video or a Family Documentary Session, contact

Kylie | Lehigh Valley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This session was special to me, because mom, Kristin, is a friend of mine.  I had been so excited to meet her sweet baby girl, I visited her right away in the hospital after she was born (of course snapping a few Fresh 48 images while I was there!) and was excited to be able to photograph her at home.  She is so loved by her sweet big brothers, mommy and daddy - this beautiful girl and this family are truly blessed!  Congratulations, and I can't wait to cuddle little Kyle again!

Landen is One! | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

This little girl sure was celebrated in style!   Her parents and grandparents pulled out all the stops to throw her a beautiful party.  Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and it had to be pushed back a day, but it was perfect nonetheless!   

The luau theme was adorable, and you can see that a lot of love went into planning the perfect day for this special lady.  I love that the family chose to take the effort of photographing the event off their plate so that they could work on preparing for the party and enjoying it without being stuck behind a camera.   I was honored to be able to photograph this lovely event, I know that this is a day that Miss Landen will love to look back on and see just how much she is loved! 

Happy First Year, Landen - here's to you! 

Steve + Laura: Love Story | Lehigh Valley Photographer

Being that I'm more of a children and family photographer, I don't get the opportunity to photograph couples often.  After this amazing session, I really wish I did it more!    

Steve and Laura are so sweet, and easy-going, not to mention, they are a gorgeous couple.  They were high school sweethearts, whose love story began in 10th grade.  After all those years together, this past Christmas Eve, Steve snuck Laura away from a family gathering and popped the question!  They have begun planning for their wedding and through mutual friends, they found me to help them out with engagement photos.  

Their session was relaxed and we took our time exploring this beautiful location, sipping wine, and chatting as we went along.   Their sweet pup, Louie, joined us for a few shots and did a phenomenal job posing and playing along!   

If you are thinking about a couples session, I offer posed and more documentary style sessions, as well.  E-mail to learn more, and don't forget to follow on Jillian B. Photography on Facebook!

Thanks, again, Steve + Laura - and congratulations!  

A Colorful Spring Session: The S Family - Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

This is my third time photographing this family, and they are not only clients, but friends, so I always really enjoy their sessions.   As a Lehigh Valley Family Photographer, I get to see a lot of beautiful areas while I am out doing sessions, but this trip to Jim Thorpe, PA was an extra special treat.   I haven't been up to Jim Thorpe since I was in college (AGES AGO!), and I really did forget all that it has to offer.   The trains weren't running that day so we were able to get a few photos with them - which was really the reason we chose this area - little Tilden LOVES trains.   We also got to visit a beautiful park that was in peak bloom with beautiful, colorful flowers everywhere.   There is so much more to see and do there - not to mention the many other scenic backdrops for photos - from the adorable downtown area, to Mauch Chunk lake which is only minutes away.   I can not WAIT to get back and hopefully photograph some more adventures there soon!

If you are interested in booking a photo session in beautiful Jim Thorpe, PA or one of the Lehigh Valley or Bucks areas other stunning locations, e-mail for more information!   I can't wait to hear from you!!

Welcome, Baby Lana - Philadelphia Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Welcoming a new baby into your family is SUCH an exciting time.  It is a time, you never want to forget.  It's almost dizzying with joy, wonder, and love, but at the same time, can be so quiet and calm.  It's busy, and slow, all at the same time, and it is like nothing you've ever felt before - whether it's your first time, or you've done it before.  

When these new parents asked me to photograph their newborn, I knew that it would be just the type of newborn session I love.  This was a time to simply document their love for their new baby, without frills or props, just her beautiful self as she is, and as they are.  I love that these photos show their unique experience with their baby - in their own home, baby wrapped in her favorite blanket, relaxing on the couch where they spend most of their time and in the bedroom of their home where they sleep, as a family of three.  

If baby Lana grows to be anything like my children, she will treasure looking at these photos, and hearing the stories of what life was like when she was just days old.  I am so honored I was able to give this family this gift.  

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Welcome Baby Savannah! | Lehigh Valley Newborn Photography

Meeting little Ms. Savannah and her family was SUCH a joy, I could just photograph newborn babies and their families all day every day.   She was so so tiny, and she is so so loved.    From her teeny tiny toes, to her little itty bitty ears and nose - this sweet girl is just perfection.

Please click below to see this beautiful baby girl and her family, and just how so in love they are with her.  

Are you expecting and looking for honest, beautiful photos of your baby?  Jillian B. Photography is a Lehigh Valley Family Photographer offering simply beautiful newborn photos that capture the love and excitement of welcoming your sweet baby into your family.  Contact for more information.  

Half Day in the Life: Family Documentary with the D Family | Lehigh Valley Family Photography

The D Family has a truly interesting and beautiful story of how they came to become a family.  When Eleanor and Nick were married, they knew that they had wanted to become parents, but due to being unable to have children the traditional way, they chose to foster.  They were a temporary home for 6 children before their two boys were placed with them at the ages of 12 and 13.  Nick and Eleanor were 25 at the time, and adopted the boys 1 year later.  Shortly after finalizing their adoption, they found themselves unexpectedly pregnant, and their daughter was born 3 days before the anniversary of the boys adoption.  In addition to their three children, Nick and Eleanor also have a godson who is an important part of their family and visits often.  I also can't forget to add their six (yes, SIX!) fur children.

When I asked this family why they decided that they would like a documentary session, mom Eleanor responded, "Our family is busy and unusual and on paper it looks like it might not work but when you get everyone together there is so much love and laughter.  We want to document the messy beauty of the everyday here."

I loved being able to capture their love and laughter and all that they do that makes them, "them".  The family lives each day to its fullest, and doesn't take the adventures that life has to offer for granted.  They complete Bucket Lists each year, both individually and as a family, and check off the items through the years as they are able to.  They love spending time together playing games, cooking and enjoying family meals.  It was fun to see their family routines and habits - a fun example of just one of them is when Eleanor and daughter, Alison, peel apples, they must be peeled in one, long piece.  Then, Alison will throw the peel over her shoulder to see what letter takes shape when it lands.  As the story goes, the letter it makes indicates the first initial of the person you will marry; but Alison likes to take fate into her own hands and will continue throwing until she gets the letter she wants.

I don't know if I've ever met more patient parents, more kind children, and bigger hearts than those of this family.  I was honored to meet them and learn more about their stories, and I am so glad that I got a chance to photograph them.  Eleanor, like most moms, is often the one behind the camera, and even more so because she herself, is a photographer (the talented lady behind I Spy Photography), so it was especially a privilege to be able to provide her family with images that include her, so that they can always see that she was there too. 

Thank you, D Family, for sharing a little bit of your crazy, beautiful life with me!  Enjoy your family photos!

To see a slideshow of some of my favorites from the session set to music, click play below.  


A Half Day in the Life with the D Family

If you are interested in a Storytelling Session, e-mail for more information - the chilly winter months are a perfect time for an indoor documentary style session!

 Wondering how you would ever decide what to do with all of the images from your session?  Half Day in the Life/Day in the Life sessions include an album of your favorite images - these sessions are a full-service from start to finish. 

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An Extended Family Portrait Session | Bucks County Family Photographer

Well, I am waaaay behind on sharing this extended family session I had back in the Fall!  This family was so sweet and easy to work with, I loved getting to know them during our session.  It was clear to see how much the two little ones are so so loved by everyone around them, and honestly, I fell in love with them a little, too.  Of course I have to mention how well everyone planned and coordinated their outfits - Pinterest worthy, for sure!

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your family, I hope you enjoy re-visiting your session with a few of my favorite photos from the day!


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The M Family: Fall Family Photos | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

I am in love with these photos, and so glad I was able to capture this family's beauty this year, a year filled with lots of excitement!  I was honored to photograph the M Family two times prior to this session, you might remember mom, Heather's, beautiful maternity photos, or the twins sweet in-home mini-newborn session.    It sure was quite a year - not only were they blessed with twin babies, dad ventured out on his own in business and started up a successful law firm (let me know if you need a lawyer and I will send you his way!), and their beautiful daughter began kindergarten.   With all they have going on, I'm actually super impressed that they rounded up stylish outfits for the whole family, spiffied everyone up, and made it out to the beautiful Allentown Rose Gardens for a family photo session.  I know all you moms out there can appreciate the level of effort this all can take, and they make it look like it's no big deal.   

Hope you love your family photos, M Fam, can't wait to do it again!

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The B Family: Fall Photos | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

This is my second year taking photos for the B family, and it is always a blast!  The three kiddos are so fun and never fail to crack me up with their silliness.  These sessions are about fun and laughter, and I look forward to seeing them any chance I can get!  

Not to mention, they are a gorgeous family.   


If you are in need of a Lehigh Valley Family Photographer, please take a look around to learn this site to learn a little more about the experience of a session with Jillian B. Photography and other details and investment information.

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Dominic is One! | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

I am just going to let these photos of this adorable and easy-going one-year old speak for themselves (that kind of cuteness cannot be put into words, amiright?).  Happy First Birthday, Dominic!  

Thank you, T Family, I loved getting to know you all and hope to see you again, soon!

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The T Family | Bucks County Family Photographer

The thought of a family photography session can be a little stressful with young children, and as a mom of rambunctious boys I can totally understand the anxiety around them. This was one of the reasons the beautiful T family had not had family photos taken since they were a family of three- when their oldest son was just a baby!   I was so excited to be able to capture them as a family of four for the first time, and I went into the session with the plan to keep it fun and laid back.

On the day of the session, everything came together.  Everyone looked great, the light was perfect and the boys were a blast to work with!  We just chatted and joked around as I snapped away and caught up with this mama who I actually went to high school with and hadn't seen in 16 years (seriously, it's been THAT long?!).   When I got home to check out the photos, I sat down to find a few images for a sneak peek and ended up editing the entire session - I was so happy with the results.  

The icing on the cake from this fun session was the sweet review Jenn left on my Facebook page:

I can not say enough great things about my family’s photo session with Jillian. She made the whole experience fun and enjoyable, she was awesome with my kids, and the pictures turned out amazing! If you’ve ever thought about getting family photographs taken, go ahead and book with’ll be so glad you did!
— Jenn

Thank you, T Family, for being so awesome!  I can't wait to see you all again!

Jillian B. Photography is a Lehigh Valley Family Photographer and Bucks County Family Photographer, specializing in capturing real and honest moments in a fun and laid-back way.  Jillian offers Lifestyle Portrait Sessions as well as documentary style Storytelling Sessions to tell your family's story using photo and film.  

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Emily and Camillo: Married | Bucks County Photographer

Emily and Cam planned a small, intimate wedding at Emily's parents home to celebrate their love and commitment for each other.   They both preferred a laid back wedding day, and incorporated so many meaningful details into the day.  Cam's love for Star Wars was discreetly displayed on his chambray shirt, with a tiny helmet and light saber skull and crossbones style design.  Emily wore a simple, but beautiful flowered dress paired with fun, red, suede wedges; her outfit choice suited her personality perfectly and showed off her great personal style.  Emily's addition of the flower crown her mother wore at her wedding and flamingo accent pin added a sweet and unique, sentimental touch.  You might notice quite a few flamingo items, which were thoughtfully incorporated in memory of Emily's grandfather.  The family enjoyed snacks and drinks after the ceremony at Emily's parents'  home, then finished off the party with an intimate dinner at the Plumsteadville Inn.  The entire event was truly about love and family, and I'm honored to have been able to document it!

Thank you, Emily and Cam, I hope you love the images as much as I loved spending your wedding day with you.   <3

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An Extended Family Session - Much to Celebrate! | Bucks County Family Photographer

I had such a fun time photographing this gorgeous family!   They were so laid back and easy-going, and it felt like we got all of the photos in record time.   Everyone was in a great mood, as they have a lot to celebrate - two recently engaged couples, and a super successful fundraiser organized by the family the night before, not to mention, the whole family was together in one place - reason enough to celebrate on it's own!  

The family hosted a fundraiser, just the night before, in honor of their son, Bo, in order to raise funds to help cure MECP2.  Bo is the sweetest, most adorable little guy, and he also happens to have MECP2 Duplication Syndrome.  Please take a moment to check out the 401 Project site to learn more about you can help cure MECP2 duplication syndrome.   Also, the family will also be holding their fundraising event again next Fall so if you are local and would love to help a great cause and get to hang out with a pretty awesome family, please bookmark Bo's site, as well!

Thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful family - I can't wait to see you all again!

Oh, yeah - while you are scrolling - see if you can pick out which one of these beautiful people was voted Most Photogenic in high school - look for the answer below!!!  I'll give you a hint - it was not Bo.  ;)

Ok, it's answer time  - if you guessed Grandpa, you were right!  

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The Miller Family: Day in the Life | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

This family is one of my favorites, so when Dad contacted me about surprising Mom with a gift certificate for a documentary session for Mother's Day, I could not wait to make this session happen.  Mom is a fellow photographer (check her out - she is the amazingly talented woman behind Erin Joyce Photography) and I knew that she "gets" this type of session.  When the day arrived, she had just a normal Sunday planned; making breakfast together and heading to the local farmer's market to pick up some veggies and their routine stop at the bakery. 

In addition to photographing their family, I also wanted to be sure to capture some video.  As a fellow photographer mama, I know that while my children's lives are very well documented in still images, I am horrible at capturing video of my kids (or actually doing anything with those 10 second clips I take on my phone and forget about!).  I think it's important to have those family videos to look back on and love that I was able to capture not only the kids and Dad - but the lady who is typically behind the camera, Mom, so that her children can look back on her beauty and see all the joy they fill her life with, and vice versa. 

So, now, if you are wondering how I can fit almost 6 hours of photo and video into just under 6 minutes (OK, well I did narrow it down to my favorites) - grab a cup of coffee and take a peek into this very sweet and loving family's Sunday morning.  

If you are looking for a Lehigh Valley Family Photographer, Jillian B. Photography specializes in capturing genuine, beautiful moments that tell your family's story uniquely.   E-mail for more information on scheduling a Storytelling Session, and don't forget to "like" us on Facebook!  Shares, likes, and comments mean more than you know!

Saturday Morning with the K Family: Your Story

I was super excited when this family contacted me back in July about scheduling a Short Story session - it's no secret that documentary sessions are my favorite.  After a few e-mails back and forth, Laura and I realized we had a crazy connection.  Laura's sister not only was in the Peace Corps in Macedonia, where I served as a volunteer, but was there at the same time as me, and stayed with my former host family the year after I did!   We instantly had a lot to talk about and I began to feel at home with the family during our brief pre-session consult.  

On the day of our consult, we really didn't plan out too many activities in depth, but more of just a casual morning at home and a walk to a nearby park.  While I think we all kind of thought the time at home would be more brief, the images I captured at home were really my favorite.  The family was comfortable and at ease interacting and that's when the moments happen.

 I love the cuddles on the big brother's bed; and when little sister edged in on the action basically climbing right on top of Mom, she looked at me laughing and said "Well, this is real life!"  And she's right, that is what you want to remember - the full hands and fuller heart.   I love the kids playing on the carpet in that beautiful window light and you can see how big brother loves and dotes on his sister, sharing toys to make her happy.  I love dad putting on sister's shoes before they headed out - an image that I hope stays strong in their minds and hearts, as sister grows and those feet will soon be filling fancy, first day of school shoes, and before you know it - sliding into new, shiny shoes on the day she graduates from high school - all while dad stands right there next to her.   These are the thoughts I have as I looked through these images. 

K Family, thank you for letting me into your home and sharing a little of your lives with me.  I hope to see you again soon to document your family as your little ones continue to grow.

Now, take 2 minutes to enjoy all that a Storytelling Session has to offer, by clicking play below to see a slideshow of the highlights!  

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Personal Share: August Favorites | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

August was a busy and fun month!   It's the month of the big corn sale at Grandpa's farm, we took our last beach trip, my siblings and I took my dad to Nashville for his 60th, back to school shopping and we sent my oldest off to Kindergarten (*tear*).   Not going to lie, it was a little emotional.  Things like picking out a backpack, and breakfast cereal, proved to be a little overwhelming and stressful, but the actual first day went a lot smoother than back to school shopping.  He is taking the bus now, and has decided he wants to buy lunch instead of pack, he's making new friends and learning math ("not numbers math, matching cars math").  I'm excited to see what the rest of this year holds.

It was real, August... 


Dates are filling up for Fall Sessions - I am dyyyyyying to do a holiday themed Storytelling Session - who's in?  E-mail for info!

An Extended Family Beach Session | Bucks County Family Photographer

Some of my best memories growing up are going to the beach with my family.  We went to the same beach every year, sometimes with my aunt and uncle, cousins and grandparents, and I'll never forget those summer traditions.   So when Nicky contacted me about a session at the beach with her family, including her mom, sister and grandparents, I was more than excited.  I knew how much these photos will mean to not only Nicky, but to her children, and was hoping to catch as many real moments of them just enjoying the sun and the sand as I could.

We started the session when the sun was still pretty strong, but we went with it, knowing that with a 1 year old and a 3 year old, the minutes were numbered this late in the evening.  After finishing some posed portraits, everyone just hung out, having fun on the beach while I snapped away.  The light sank lower in the sky and made way for some gorgeous backlit images of the girls playing with their parents, grandmother and aunt, and when Nicky's daughters decided to hop on the beach wheelchair wheels, I knew we had gotten that special shot of the girls and their great grandparents Nicky was hoping for.  It may not be a perfectly posed portrait in the dunes, but the looks on their faces and the magical hazy light are just my favorite. I hope that the story these photos tell of this family's relationships and the fun they had at the beach each summer will be treasured forever!

Thank you, Nicky, for asking me to photograph your family again - I love my repeat clients and it is always a pleasure to spend time with you and your sweet family!  

I may have room in the schedule for one more beach session, so if you are interested contact me to check availability soon!


Can you believe summer is pretty much over???  Now is the time to start thinking about Christmas card photos -set up a portrait session or fun storytelling session (baking cookies in Christmas jammies, anyone?) before the schedule fills up!


Personal Share: End of Summer | Lehigh Valley Children's Photographer

The end of summer is nearing, which means you, my oldest, will be heading off to Kindergarten in two weeks.  

We've been building up to it.  It's going to be fun and exciting, but it might hurt a little too.  

And in the end, I'm not going to know whether to smile or cry.  

Wish me luck, folks. 

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