A Different Type of Storytelling: Behind the Scenes | Lehigh Valley Photographer

As a new Lehigh Valley photographer, I have developed friendships with quite a few photographers.  While my passion for photography has introduced me to many new friends, it has strengthened one of my existing friendships, for sure!  

Erin and I became friends as we bonded over our pregnancies back in 2012 while we were working together at an elementary school.   Our friendship continued to grow after our children were born - and then one day, I decided I needed a "good" camera and was ready to take the plunge.  The first person I turned to for advice was Erin... and turned to, and turned to, and turned to.  She is always there to help me, even though she is busy with running her own thriving business, Erin Joyce Photography, and still managing to be a Super Parent to two sweet children with her husband.   Whenever she asks me to shoot a session for her, I am so happy to be able to offer some of the gift she has given me, right back to her.

Erin had the idea of doing a Behind the Scenes photo shoot to inform her clients of what it is like to book a lifestyle session with her. I was honored that she granted me the pleasure of photographing her in action and am so excited to share a little bit of this friend of mine, in her element!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from the session below. Although, it wasn't really what I was there for, my favorites are of Erin snuggling on her best friend's baby in beautiful light (no, she doesn't do that to all of her clients brand new babies - though she jokes she might want to - who wouldn't!?!).  

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