Personal Work: April 2016 Favorites

My Facebook page just gave me a little reminder that it's been a while since I've posted on my photography page - and Facebook was right!  Get your butt in gear, Jill!

The reality is, I have been busy with some projects, they are just things I'm not able to post, or post right now.  I most recently photographed a Me and My Gal event for the local Girl Scout group.  I sent the files to print yesterday and can't wait to see the finished products.  I did want to share something until my next couple of sessions roll around and get blogged (SO EXCITED for what is lined up for May!), so here is a little peek into how I spent April, not as a Lehigh Valley family photographer, but just as me.  I also got out of my comfort zone a little bit and shot some different things due to participating in some photo challenges, and we celebrated my big boy's 5th birthday, which was awesome. This month I started thinking about myself a little more and got back into exercising a this month - woo hoo - ZUMBA!!! -  and am happy to have TWO photos of myself that I like enough to share - here's to getting in the frame more in May!  

Enjoy my favorite personal photos from April 2016!