Personal Share: August Favorites | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

August was a busy and fun month!   It's the month of the big corn sale at Grandpa's farm, we took our last beach trip, my siblings and I took my dad to Nashville for his 60th, back to school shopping and we sent my oldest off to Kindergarten (*tear*).   Not going to lie, it was a little emotional.  Things like picking out a backpack, and breakfast cereal, proved to be a little overwhelming and stressful, but the actual first day went a lot smoother than back to school shopping.  He is taking the bus now, and has decided he wants to buy lunch instead of pack, he's making new friends and learning math ("not numbers math, matching cars math").  I'm excited to see what the rest of this year holds.

It was real, August... 


Dates are filling up for Fall Sessions - I am dyyyyyying to do a holiday themed Storytelling Session - who's in?  E-mail for info!