Saturday Morning with the K Family: Your Story

I was super excited when this family contacted me back in July about scheduling a Short Story session - it's no secret that documentary sessions are my favorite.  After a few e-mails back and forth, Laura and I realized we had a crazy connection.  Laura's sister not only was in the Peace Corps in Macedonia, where I served as a volunteer, but was there at the same time as me, and stayed with my former host family the year after I did!   We instantly had a lot to talk about and I began to feel at home with the family during our brief pre-session consult.  

On the day of our consult, we really didn't plan out too many activities in depth, but more of just a casual morning at home and a walk to a nearby park.  While I think we all kind of thought the time at home would be more brief, the images I captured at home were really my favorite.  The family was comfortable and at ease interacting and that's when the moments happen.

 I love the cuddles on the big brother's bed; and when little sister edged in on the action basically climbing right on top of Mom, she looked at me laughing and said "Well, this is real life!"  And she's right, that is what you want to remember - the full hands and fuller heart.   I love the kids playing on the carpet in that beautiful window light and you can see how big brother loves and dotes on his sister, sharing toys to make her happy.  I love dad putting on sister's shoes before they headed out - an image that I hope stays strong in their minds and hearts, as sister grows and those feet will soon be filling fancy, first day of school shoes, and before you know it - sliding into new, shiny shoes on the day she graduates from high school - all while dad stands right there next to her.   These are the thoughts I have as I looked through these images. 

K Family, thank you for letting me into your home and sharing a little of your lives with me.  I hope to see you again soon to document your family as your little ones continue to grow.

Now, take 2 minutes to enjoy all that a Storytelling Session has to offer, by clicking play below to see a slideshow of the highlights!  

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