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The D Family has a truly interesting and beautiful story of how they came to become a family.  When Eleanor and Nick were married, they knew that they had wanted to become parents, but due to being unable to have children the traditional way, they chose to foster.  They were a temporary home for 6 children before their two boys were placed with them at the ages of 12 and 13.  Nick and Eleanor were 25 at the time, and adopted the boys 1 year later.  Shortly after finalizing their adoption, they found themselves unexpectedly pregnant, and their daughter was born 3 days before the anniversary of the boys adoption.  In addition to their three children, Nick and Eleanor also have a godson who is an important part of their family and visits often.  I also can't forget to add their six (yes, SIX!) fur children.

When I asked this family why they decided that they would like a documentary session, mom Eleanor responded, "Our family is busy and unusual and on paper it looks like it might not work but when you get everyone together there is so much love and laughter.  We want to document the messy beauty of the everyday here."

I loved being able to capture their love and laughter and all that they do that makes them, "them".  The family lives each day to its fullest, and doesn't take the adventures that life has to offer for granted.  They complete Bucket Lists each year, both individually and as a family, and check off the items through the years as they are able to.  They love spending time together playing games, cooking and enjoying family meals.  It was fun to see their family routines and habits - a fun example of just one of them is when Eleanor and daughter, Alison, peel apples, they must be peeled in one, long piece.  Then, Alison will throw the peel over her shoulder to see what letter takes shape when it lands.  As the story goes, the letter it makes indicates the first initial of the person you will marry; but Alison likes to take fate into her own hands and will continue throwing until she gets the letter she wants.

I don't know if I've ever met more patient parents, more kind children, and bigger hearts than those of this family.  I was honored to meet them and learn more about their stories, and I am so glad that I got a chance to photograph them.  Eleanor, like most moms, is often the one behind the camera, and even more so because she herself, is a photographer (the talented lady behind I Spy Photography), so it was especially a privilege to be able to provide her family with images that include her, so that they can always see that she was there too. 

Thank you, D Family, for sharing a little bit of your crazy, beautiful life with me!  Enjoy your family photos!

To see a slideshow of some of my favorites from the session set to music, click play below.  


A Half Day in the Life with the D Family

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