Happy 1st Birthday, Iliana! | Morristown, NJ Family Photographer

This beautiful girl celebrates her birthday just a day before Independence day, so in honor of her 1st year, her parents threw an Americana themed bash at their Morristown, NJ home.  Everyone was dressed from head to toe in red, white, and blue and got in the spirit with fun themed decorations, a delicious catered buffet and lots of fun activities - it truly was a memorable day!   

Iliana is definitely one of the happiest one-year olds I have ever met.  She had a busy and exciting day, and took it all in stride.  I couldn't believe that she was still just as sweet and pleasant when I finished up at about 8:00 PM as she was when I arrived at 3:30 - and the party was still going!  

Happy birthday, Iliana!  It is clear to see, you are so loved. 

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