Dominic is One! | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

I am just going to let these photos of this adorable and easy-going one-year old speak for themselves (that kind of cuteness cannot be put into words, amiright?).  Happy First Birthday, Dominic!  

Thank you, T Family, I loved getting to know you all and hope to see you again, soon!

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The T Family | Bucks County Family Photographer

The thought of a family photography session can be a little stressful with young children, and as a mom of rambunctious boys I can totally understand the anxiety around them. This was one of the reasons the beautiful T family had not had family photos taken since they were a family of three- when their oldest son was just a baby!   I was so excited to be able to capture them as a family of four for the first time, and I went into the session with the plan to keep it fun and laid back.

On the day of the session, everything came together.  Everyone looked great, the light was perfect and the boys were a blast to work with!  We just chatted and joked around as I snapped away and caught up with this mama who I actually went to high school with and hadn't seen in 16 years (seriously, it's been THAT long?!).   When I got home to check out the photos, I sat down to find a few images for a sneak peek and ended up editing the entire session - I was so happy with the results.  

The icing on the cake from this fun session was the sweet review Jenn left on my Facebook page:

I can not say enough great things about my family’s photo session with Jillian. She made the whole experience fun and enjoyable, she was awesome with my kids, and the pictures turned out amazing! If you’ve ever thought about getting family photographs taken, go ahead and book with’ll be so glad you did!
— Jenn

Thank you, T Family, for being so awesome!  I can't wait to see you all again!

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Emily and Camillo: Married | Bucks County Photographer

Emily and Cam planned a small, intimate wedding at Emily's parents home to celebrate their love and commitment for each other.   They both preferred a laid back wedding day, and incorporated so many meaningful details into the day.  Cam's love for Star Wars was discreetly displayed on his chambray shirt, with a tiny helmet and light saber skull and crossbones style design.  Emily wore a simple, but beautiful flowered dress paired with fun, red, suede wedges; her outfit choice suited her personality perfectly and showed off her great personal style.  Emily's addition of the flower crown her mother wore at her wedding and flamingo accent pin added a sweet and unique, sentimental touch.  You might notice quite a few flamingo items, which were thoughtfully incorporated in memory of Emily's grandfather.  The family enjoyed snacks and drinks after the ceremony at Emily's parents'  home, then finished off the party with an intimate dinner at the Plumsteadville Inn.  The entire event was truly about love and family, and I'm honored to have been able to document it!

Thank you, Emily and Cam, I hope you love the images as much as I loved spending your wedding day with you.   <3

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An Extended Family Session - Much to Celebrate! | Bucks County Family Photographer

I had such a fun time photographing this gorgeous family!   They were so laid back and easy-going, and it felt like we got all of the photos in record time.   Everyone was in a great mood, as they have a lot to celebrate - two recently engaged couples, and a super successful fundraiser organized by the family the night before, not to mention, the whole family was together in one place - reason enough to celebrate on it's own!  

The family hosted a fundraiser, just the night before, in honor of their son, Bo, in order to raise funds to help cure MECP2.  Bo is the sweetest, most adorable little guy, and he also happens to have MECP2 Duplication Syndrome.  Please take a moment to check out the 401 Project site to learn more about you can help cure MECP2 duplication syndrome.   Also, the family will also be holding their fundraising event again next Fall so if you are local and would love to help a great cause and get to hang out with a pretty awesome family, please bookmark Bo's site, as well!

Thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful family - I can't wait to see you all again!

Oh, yeah - while you are scrolling - see if you can pick out which one of these beautiful people was voted Most Photogenic in high school - look for the answer below!!!  I'll give you a hint - it was not Bo.  ;)

Ok, it's answer time  - if you guessed Grandpa, you were right!  

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The Miller Family: Day in the Life | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

This family is one of my favorites, so when Dad contacted me about surprising Mom with a gift certificate for a documentary session for Mother's Day, I could not wait to make this session happen.  Mom is a fellow photographer (check her out - she is the amazingly talented woman behind Erin Joyce Photography) and I knew that she "gets" this type of session.  When the day arrived, she had just a normal Sunday planned; making breakfast together and heading to the local farmer's market to pick up some veggies and their routine stop at the bakery. 

In addition to photographing their family, I also wanted to be sure to capture some video.  As a fellow photographer mama, I know that while my children's lives are very well documented in still images, I am horrible at capturing video of my kids (or actually doing anything with those 10 second clips I take on my phone and forget about!).  I think it's important to have those family videos to look back on and love that I was able to capture not only the kids and Dad - but the lady who is typically behind the camera, Mom, so that her children can look back on her beauty and see all the joy they fill her life with, and vice versa. 

So, now, if you are wondering how I can fit almost 6 hours of photo and video into just under 6 minutes (OK, well I did narrow it down to my favorites) - grab a cup of coffee and take a peek into this very sweet and loving family's Sunday morning.  

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Saturday Morning with the K Family: Your Story

I was super excited when this family contacted me back in July about scheduling a Short Story session - it's no secret that documentary sessions are my favorite.  After a few e-mails back and forth, Laura and I realized we had a crazy connection.  Laura's sister not only was in the Peace Corps in Macedonia, where I served as a volunteer, but was there at the same time as me, and stayed with my former host family the year after I did!   We instantly had a lot to talk about and I began to feel at home with the family during our brief pre-session consult.  

On the day of our consult, we really didn't plan out too many activities in depth, but more of just a casual morning at home and a walk to a nearby park.  While I think we all kind of thought the time at home would be more brief, the images I captured at home were really my favorite.  The family was comfortable and at ease interacting and that's when the moments happen.

 I love the cuddles on the big brother's bed; and when little sister edged in on the action basically climbing right on top of Mom, she looked at me laughing and said "Well, this is real life!"  And she's right, that is what you want to remember - the full hands and fuller heart.   I love the kids playing on the carpet in that beautiful window light and you can see how big brother loves and dotes on his sister, sharing toys to make her happy.  I love dad putting on sister's shoes before they headed out - an image that I hope stays strong in their minds and hearts, as sister grows and those feet will soon be filling fancy, first day of school shoes, and before you know it - sliding into new, shiny shoes on the day she graduates from high school - all while dad stands right there next to her.   These are the thoughts I have as I looked through these images. 

K Family, thank you for letting me into your home and sharing a little of your lives with me.  I hope to see you again soon to document your family as your little ones continue to grow.

Now, take 2 minutes to enjoy all that a Storytelling Session has to offer, by clicking play below to see a slideshow of the highlights!  

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Personal Share: August Favorites | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

August was a busy and fun month!   It's the month of the big corn sale at Grandpa's farm, we took our last beach trip, my siblings and I took my dad to Nashville for his 60th, back to school shopping and we sent my oldest off to Kindergarten (*tear*).   Not going to lie, it was a little emotional.  Things like picking out a backpack, and breakfast cereal, proved to be a little overwhelming and stressful, but the actual first day went a lot smoother than back to school shopping.  He is taking the bus now, and has decided he wants to buy lunch instead of pack, he's making new friends and learning math ("not numbers math, matching cars math").  I'm excited to see what the rest of this year holds.

It was real, August... 


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An Extended Family Beach Session | Bucks County Family Photographer

Some of my best memories growing up are going to the beach with my family.  We went to the same beach every year, sometimes with my aunt and uncle, cousins and grandparents, and I'll never forget those summer traditions.   So when Nicky contacted me about a session at the beach with her family, including her mom, sister and grandparents, I was more than excited.  I knew how much these photos will mean to not only Nicky, but to her children, and was hoping to catch as many real moments of them just enjoying the sun and the sand as I could.

We started the session when the sun was still pretty strong, but we went with it, knowing that with a 1 year old and a 3 year old, the minutes were numbered this late in the evening.  After finishing some posed portraits, everyone just hung out, having fun on the beach while I snapped away.  The light sank lower in the sky and made way for some gorgeous backlit images of the girls playing with their parents, grandmother and aunt, and when Nicky's daughters decided to hop on the beach wheelchair wheels, I knew we had gotten that special shot of the girls and their great grandparents Nicky was hoping for.  It may not be a perfectly posed portrait in the dunes, but the looks on their faces and the magical hazy light are just my favorite. I hope that the story these photos tell of this family's relationships and the fun they had at the beach each summer will be treasured forever!

Thank you, Nicky, for asking me to photograph your family again - I love my repeat clients and it is always a pleasure to spend time with you and your sweet family!  

I may have room in the schedule for one more beach session, so if you are interested contact me to check availability soon!


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Personal Share: End of Summer | Lehigh Valley Children's Photographer

The end of summer is nearing, which means you, my oldest, will be heading off to Kindergarten in two weeks.  

We've been building up to it.  It's going to be fun and exciting, but it might hurt a little too.  

And in the end, I'm not going to know whether to smile or cry.  

Wish me luck, folks. 

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A Sunset Mommy and Me Session | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

While vacationing in the small and beautiful country of Macedonia in Eastern Europe (where I served as a Peace Corps volunteer for 3 years), my good friend asked me if I would take some photos of her and her daughter.  I was so grateful she asked me, as I had spent the first two weeks of our trip staring at the amazing scenery just wishing for someone to photograph.  

These types of photo sessions are not really common in Macedonia, but my friend was familiar with my work, and she was up for anything.  On the day of the shoot, I convinced my husband to drive us all to a beautiful location, where the light wouldn't be blocked by the mountains surrounding the valley town he grew up in.  Without batting an eye, he said, "Don't worry about it, I have a place."

We climbed up a dirt road to the top of the hill, surrounded by tall grass and vineyards, as the sun slowly began to set.  The location was incredible.  My friend and her daughter played in the tall grass, explored, ran, and cuddled.   She had also invited her best friend, her sister, to join us, and I just captured the sweet moments as they happened.  

This session really is a testament to why sunset sessions are just my favorite, the gorgeous light was truly magical.  If you are interested in a beautiful sunset lifestyle portrait session, contact me for details!   Book your session before September 1st to take advantage of my affordable Summer Sale prices.

Introducing Mila and Luca: A Lifestyle Newborn Mini-Session | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

These two. Oh. My. Goodness.  I could hold them and cuddle them all day.

I was so disappointed that I wasn't able to meet them for an official newborn session, as they arrived the day AFTER I left for vacation; but when I returned home, meeting little Mr. Luca and Miss Mila was high on my list of things to do.  I was so happy to snap a few quick shots of these  beautiful babes while visiting the new and improved M Family of five, and I even captured a tiny bit of video for a mini fusion slideshow.  While it wasn't a full session, just a quick little informal mini-session at home, I love the simplicity of the images and the video clips just make my heart melt a little and show their already forming personalities.  

I can't get enough of little Mila and Luca and can't wait to see them again!  They are two of the luckiest little babies; they have an amazing big sister and two parents that give their all for their little babies and their big girl every single day.  

Congratulations, Matt, Heather and Sienna on your two beautiful additions to the family!  

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Personal Work: June 2016 Favorites | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

Things have been a little quiet on the website, as we recently took a trip to Eastern Europe to visit family and friends.  I have a few sessions from the trip I am hoping to share, but until then, here's a few of my personal favorites from our trip during the month of June.  Enjoy!

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A Sweet Saturday Storytelling Session: The R Family | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

When planning this session, mom, Amber, told me that she prefers more candid and less posed moments so we knew a Storytelling Session would be best.  I haven't done one of these in a while, so I wanted to give this family the works - a 2-3 hour session where I follow them around just doing their thing, a full gallery of 100+ photos, and I knew I had to throw in a fusion slideshow because they are just my favorite.  These types of sessions are truly what inspires me most - these are the moments that get to you deep inside, the little, the in-between moments that will mean the most after the years have passed.

The session highlights with this family were getting to know their older son, Mason, and see some of his favorite toys and things in his room while he cuddled and played with mom, baby brother, Carson's adorable looks and the cute little faces he made at me, a picnic downtown, and finally a stop at The Chocolate Lab, a place the R Family has been visiting since their oldest son was a baby.  We even had time to squeeze in a few posed family portraits at the end - and let me tell you, they were such troopers on a long morning around town!

I want to thank this family for being so patient as I wrapped up their session during our first few days of vacation - hitting some minor technological glitches on the way.  I also just want to thank them for being so sweet and just so real.  The boys stole my heart, and you guys were all so easy going and great.  I hope you love the final product as much as I do!

If you are interested in a Storytelling session, contact me for more details and to schedule!

A Sunset Session at the Lake | Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Family Photographer

This night was just perfect.  The beautiful lady you see in these photos, Jessica, is a photog friend, and she knows all the best locations and secret spots so I was lucky enough to have her lead me around this amazing location.  She also wasn't kidding when she said her kids "know what to do" as they are used to impromptu photo shoots often, having a passionate and wildly talented photographer for a mother (Jessica Fenon Photography - check her out!).  I was a little nervous shooting a family of 6 for the first time - but the kids really did know just what to do and were so patient throughout the session.  And to top it off - the light was perfect - sunset shoots are the best!  

Thank you so much, Fenon Family, for trusting me to capture your family's love in photos.   This was one of my most favorite sessions ever - you guys are straight up gorgeous.

 Contact me today to schedule your sunset session on the lake and get details about my Summer Special discounted prices!

Personal Work: May Faves | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

May was a really fun month for me - Mother's Day, my birthday, my mom's 60th birthday, first trip "down the shore" this year, and just the usual shenanigans with my boys.  

I hope you all enjoy these few shots of some of my favorite May memories, I can't wait to see what everyone is up to this summer!

If you love real life moments, beautifully captured, contact me about scheduling a Storytelling Session!  I am now offering Summer Sale prices - send me a message on Facebook or e-mail me at for more details!

Spring Fun in the Daisies | Bucks County Family Lifestyle Photographer

This session was months in the making.  Mom and I had began talking around the holiday season, but ended up settling on a Spring session.  It was important to this family to capture true joy, and not try to force it, I mean, we all know little ones and their tolerance for posed family photos, right?   After a few messages and e-mails, I knew that this was my kind of family.

On the day of the session, I arrived extra early, just to check out the light in the location - and I stumbled upon an amazing field of daisies!  I couldn't believe it!  We really hit the jackpot, not to mention the weather was perfect!  The girls were troopers and didn't bat an eye at walking through tall grass and flowers, and I loved that the parents were game for whatever.  I'm so happy with the real moments we captured, the true happiness - I love that family photos can be fun and more than just the "say cheese" smiles!    

I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but I want to say thank you to this beautiful family for going with the flow, and having fun in the sun with me! 

Nadine At Home: Maternity | Lehigh Valley Maternity and Motherhood Photographer

Nadine is the definition of "glowing".  She is so beautiful and her gorgeous smile and bubbly personality are just suited for motherhood.  I'm beyond honored that she chose me to capture this memorable time in her life with a laid-back in-home/backyard maternity session.  

I shared with Nadine how much her daughter will be so grateful for these memories and will love looking back at these photos, as it's one of my sons' favorite things to do - look at photos of mommy with them "in their tummy", see where we lived and how we lived.  Her sweet baby will be able to see just how loved she is, and how eager her parents were to meet her.  

Nadine, I hope you love these captured moments and treasure them forever!

If you are looking for a Lehigh Valley Maternity or Motherhood Photographer, contact me to learn more!



Personal Work: April 2016 Favorites

My Facebook page just gave me a little reminder that it's been a while since I've posted on my photography page - and Facebook was right!  Get your butt in gear, Jill!

The reality is, I have been busy with some projects, they are just things I'm not able to post, or post right now.  I most recently photographed a Me and My Gal event for the local Girl Scout group.  I sent the files to print yesterday and can't wait to see the finished products.  I did want to share something until my next couple of sessions roll around and get blogged (SO EXCITED for what is lined up for May!), so here is a little peek into how I spent April, not as a Lehigh Valley family photographer, but just as me.  I also got out of my comfort zone a little bit and shot some different things due to participating in some photo challenges, and we celebrated my big boy's 5th birthday, which was awesome. This month I started thinking about myself a little more and got back into exercising a this month - woo hoo - ZUMBA!!! -  and am happy to have TWO photos of myself that I like enough to share - here's to getting in the frame more in May!  

Enjoy my favorite personal photos from April 2016!



Joshua At Home | A Spectrum Inspired Session

After being accepted as a Spectrum Inspired photographer, I wanted to get started right away.   Having worked as a special education teacher prior to choosing to stay home with my children, the idea of helping families capture the beauty of their children on the spectrum and tell their stories is one that I believe in and love so much.  I thought about how I wanted to share more information about the organization with my clients and friends, and I ended up asking my fellow SI photographer friend, Stephanie, if I could photograph her son, Joshua, for my first session.  She agreed, and I went into the session just hoping to capture Stephanie, her husband, Kurt, and their son, Joshua, just being themselves and enjoying an evening together at home.  I wanted to show their normal, and the beauty of their happy and sweet little boy.  

Joshua is a four year old boy with autism, who will become a big brother in a few months.  As his family prepares to welcome a second child, I thought now would be a great time to document him, and the beauty all of those that know him see when they look at him.  Before the session, I was curious to know a little about him, and when asked more about their journey with their four year old son with autism, Stephanie answered briefly, honestly, and beautifully. 

"Our boy is just truly amazing, there is an amazing song by the band For King and Country called 'Priceless' and it couldn't be a more perfect description of how we see our boy.  To us he is absolutely perfect!  He inspires us, challenges us and our love grows strong for him every single day!"

I had never heard of the song, but after looking up the lyrics, I thought sharing a few words of the song along with the images would be the best way to show how I saw Joshua through my lens - I think he is pretty perfect, too.    


"Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable, Darling, it's beautiful,  I see it all in you (oh so priceless)."

"No matter what you've heard, this is what your worth
More than all the money or the diamonds and pearls
Oh, this is who you are.
Yeah, this is who you are."

Thank you, Stephanie, Kurt and Joshua, for allowing me to photograph you and sharing a little of your story with me.  I loved meeting sweet Joshua, and hearing about and seeing all of his strengths, talents and skills warmed my heart.  I can't wait to see you all again soon! 

I am so excited to announce that I am now offering Spectrum Inspired sessions for families with children on the spectrum for 30% off.  Please contact me for me details.