The primary goal of Jillian B. Photography is to create an enjoyable experience for everyone while capturing authentic moments that you and the special people in your life will treasure. 

You might be wondering how this all happens, so here's a run-down of the process. 

First step: Check out my website and blog, and decide that I AM THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOU.

When selecting a photographer, it's so important that the person you choose is a good match for what you want.  A session with Jillian B. Photography might be a good match for you if you feel awkward getting your photo taken, or if your children run and hide as soon as they see a camera.  With even the most camera shy of children (or parents!), a session with Jillian B. Photography will capture their true personalities - and I promise, it will not be painful!  Do you prefer photos that show real life, and authentic interactions?   A lifestyle or storytelling session will allow you to get the kind of photos you are looking for, without having to bribe your kids to cooperate.  Are you the type of person that needs options for printing, organizing and displaying your session photos, maybe even someone who will do it for you?  Let me help you with a Reveal Night or choose from my Print Menu.   If you are looking for honest emotion and connection, and just plain realness, I am the photographer for you. 

Second step: CONTACT ME to schedule your session.


After your initial contact, we will set up a time that works for you and your family, taking into consideration your personal goals for the photoshoot.  In order to this, you will receive an informational questionnaire about your family, who you are, and your goals for the session. You will also recieve your invoice at this time and pay your session fee retainer to reserve your date.  

Once you have completed this step, you may decide you would like a pre-session consult (available only for Storytelling Sessions) and we can arrange a day and time to meet before your session to go over the schedule, styling, or any questions you may have.   This is also a great time for me to see the lighting in your home as well as just give us time to get acquainted so that everyone is comfortable on the day of the actual session.

Third step: The big day.

You will have received and completed a questionnaire before your session takes place.  This will help me have an idea of the session and what you want to get out of the photos. 

Before we meet, you will have determined what you want to wear.  Is the goal to capture a typical Saturday morning at home?  Leave the kiddos in their jammies if you typically lounge around until the afternoon, and comfy clothes for mom and dad.   Is it a storytelling session and we are we venturing out for a few portraits?   Feel free to get everyone ready while I'm there, the routine of dressing your kiddos can be a fun (or if yours is like my family, frustrating!) ritual you might want documented.   Remember, honest sometimes means a little messy - and that's ok!  When planning for a lifestyle portrait session, think about the sessions you have seen of mine that you loved - were the photos colorful and bright?  Do you prefer neutral tones?  Make sure that your clothing choices reflect the colors and mood you like and feel would portray your family best. 


When preparing for a storytelling session, you may want to give the house a quick tidying up.  Messes usually will happen if you have young children, and it is fun to capture the messes in the making, but starting with a clean-ish (don't worry, I won't look too closely) house will help the focus to be on you and your family.   That being said, don't hide away all the toys if they usually stay in bins in the playroom - you want to keep it real, too!

When the big day rolls around, I will show up at your home or the location we have decided upon, camera in hand.  

A  typical session will usually just begin with a brief friendly chat.  The chatting will likely continue through the session, as there are lulls in action, but otherwise, I will work my magic to turn your everyday into art while you have fun with the special person/people in your life.  For a Storytelling session, you might be cuddling on the couch reading books, cooking and eating breakfast, heading out to the playground or your favorite ice cream shop.   Posing will be minimal or will usually involve interaction to elicit real emotion.   Some people may opt to go to a park for more formal portraits, and that is ok too!

When I have everything I need, I will head home to begin working on your photos.  I will give you an estimated timeline of when to expected your completed photos and we will be in touch!

Fourth: Wrap it up.

I will spend the next 1-3 weeks poring over your photos, culling, editing, and if you choose - my favorite - movie making!  I will contact you when your photos are done to arrange for a time to come to your house for a reveal night, or we can arrange to deliver the files digitally, if you prefer.   Every session will result in high resolution digital files for printing and lower resolution files for the web in a proofing gallery.   You will select the photos you love, the collection that best fits your needs, and any print items you may want to order, and I will do the rest.